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Mixer Grinder buying guide, 500w or 750w for your choice?


nvesting your money on the right product is all we ask for when we are making our mind to buy something to fulfil our needs. Life can complicated but why make these little things pull your mood down?

Here we are at Preethi Agencies, who on every level is ready to assist you with your buying decision, we've been in the market since 1986 serving over 300,000 customers we can suggest you what is essential and what is not. The concentrated buying shopping experience is something we love to help you with.

Let's look at the basic differences you'll come across in the mixer grinder options:

  1. No of Jars

  2. Motor Wattage

  3. Motor Warranty

  4. Mixer type

Please channel your needs based on the classifications below, answer these questions for yourself and decide:

  1. Do you think 3 jars can suffice or you need an additional juicer jar?

  2. Do you regularly use the mixer grinder? If not on what frequency?

  3. Do you think 5 years warranty should you need or 2 years is enough?

  4. Do you have children who are extra naughty and gets into trouble? Then pick the locking mixer grinder! - The differences between a locking and non-locking, you can find here!

Take a closer look at the classification and you will be able to decide for yourself what is essential to you in particular and yes, thank you for reaching till here:

Here are few amazing mixers you can explore in the different watts:


Thank you!

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