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"Techies dump Start up’s for IT Firms!"

This title pinched my heart.

Back in 2017, when I was done with my education though I had pre-placement offers from giants I politely refused just to take up a role at a Start up.

Reason: I interned at an MNC and I didn't really enjoy the process oriented approach for work. I clear/ answer a set of mails and leave!

Start up's have taught a lot to me. Experiencing multiple roles and responsibilities is such a blessing that ideally comes to you as great teachings! There were no borders/ boundaries as such, I used to sit with:

- The developers trying to enhance the user experience,

- The product managers trying to add new features,

- The customer champions trying to improve the user experience,

- The operations team to improve the delivery efficiency.

I mean, of course after completing my work! The teams I've associated with also encouraged inputs. It's collective work!

But, today: looking at the start up's running behind valuation, expansion, rapid growth and other such criteria without considering the negative cash flows, huge cash burns for acquisitions, operations and more without a proper roadmap leading to failures and massive lay off's are a total off.

I wish the idea of Start up change!

Hope there shall be a great vision & at Preethi Agencies, Gravity Distributrix we strive to enable this positive idea of a start up.

Wishing you all best career & life.

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