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Hack Any Game with Game Guardian No Root APK: Download Now

Good day. I am trying to find a way to detect game guardian apk installed on the Android OS. Google didn't give any answers so I came here. The issue is that Game Guardian is installing different apk on it's initial launch with some random package name. Anyone has any suggestion how to protect application from being modified by Game Guardian?

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From what I've just read on the official game guardian page, Game guardian works on only rooted devices or Emulators so an easy implementation would be to make your app detect for rooting applications, hacking tools or super user binaries on the devices on launch and prompt to uninstall or quit if any is detected it should also verify if the device the game is being played on is an authentic device or an emulator and prompt to uninstall if the latter. There are multiple ways which this can be done a quick google search on preventing application from running on rooted devices should be fruitful. However i have included some links to shorten the process :

The game of Google Play & Facebook apps has anti-modification judgment, and X8 master has not been properly handled. After some works, we finally made a breakthrough. We sincerely invite you to try the X8 Sandbox version. Click here to download size 257M

By downloading and installing the APK to your mobile device you'll be able to modify aspects such as the money you need in certain games to improve your characters or life and health points. It works as follows:

We have provided the Guardian Island Higgs Domino Game Guide for free. Game Guardian Island Higgs Domino Guide free is a Books & Reference application, this application is free to download. Made by fans, made in detail to make it easier for game fans. It's very easy to download and install to your phone. Enjoy, thanks.Please If you feel we have violated your copyright, trademark or use of a trademark that violates the rules, please contact us immediately, at gmail [email protected] so we can remove it immediately.Download and CongratulationsThank you

First of all, download and install GGuardian on your rooted device or emulator (LINK). After you start it, grant if root access. In the upper right corner of the screen, you should see GGuardian icon. Open Shadow Fight 2, write somewhere value that you want to change, and click on GGuardian icon. Game Guardian will ask you which process you want to choose. Choose Shadow Fight 2. After you selected process, do the following steps. First, click on the last icon in upper right corner, and click on Known (exact) search. You will see the main window for searching. As value insert the number that you want to change. In our case, it was number of gems on the first picture, 9. Type is DWORD, and you have to click on The value is encrypted. After everything is done, click on New search. Spend some gems, or earn one by watching promo videos, and then search for new value. You have to repeat the same steps, but instead of clicking on New search, click on Refine. Repeat the same procedure until only one value is left. Click on it, and change it. If you change it to 0, you will get maximum number of gems. If you change it to 4.294.967.295, you will get 0 gems. So choose one number between, or just put 0. If you have done every step correctly, your game will look like this.

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Game Guardian (or GameGuardian) is a freedom from all conditions which are imposed by game developers. It is a simple way to unlock all the features like modification in the score, unlimited coins, and money. So, the best performing gaming tool is available to download from our website. It is download and installs by more than 10 million Android users around the world.

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